Dare to Know (DTK) is the brainchild (and likely to be the lifework) of the artist Azra, conceived as a collection of parallel and overlapping storylines written by contributing authors and illustrated by Azra as well as other selected artists. Regarding the collaborative nature of the project, DTK is not simply a linear plot line supported by pictures. It is a collective worldbuilding effort that is intended to flesh out a fictional albeit convincing projection of Earth in the late 21st century - a shared universe that is bursting with backstory as well as a vivid and stimulating atmosphere.

The overriding theme of DTK addresses the panoply of ideas revolving around a hypothetical event known as a technological singularity, juxtaposed with a world enduring an age of converging catastrophes and crises; namely overpopulation alongside peak oil, closely followed by ecological disaster. This setting allows the community to explore various ideas and potential outcomes for the (not-so-distant) future of humanity, as well as examine the intertwined promise & peril of our creative/destructive nature as an intelligent species.

All in all, DTK aspires to establish an affiliation of artists & authors sharing a common interest in the future of this world that we must ultimately share together, whether you are a humanist, transhumanist, posthumanist or otherwise. Come create with us!

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